The Way You Breathe Can Make You Sick…Or Make You Well

 The Way You Breathe Can Make You Sick…Or Make You Well

Unbalanced Dysfunctional Breathing Causes or Worsens Many Health Challenges Including:Addictions, allergies, anger, anxiety, asthma, bad memory, cancer, chest pains, depression, fatigue, learning challenges, panic attacks, phobia, poor sleep, excessive stress, obesity. How good is YOUR breathing?

45 page booklet


Many of you have requested a way to quickly explain to friends and loved ones about why you are so interested in breathing. What to do or say when you get puzzled looks from friends and loved ones when you talk about Optimal Breathing®, what it means to you and how it might be very important to them and others. How do you learn and share the importance of obvious and hidden breathing deterioration and the potential to improve one’s breathing? How does one motivate self, a colleague, friend or loved one whose breathing, and life, may be much more then ever dreamed possible. Breath is life.

I created this ebook with the above in mind. It attempts to quickly inform the reader in an easy, inspiring and inexpensive (free) way. You will probably save many from sickness and early death. These are trying times and time is of the essence. People’s lives and futures are at stake. I want you to share with me in the joy that comes with making a huge difference in the lives and happiness of others.

After working with our programs your breathing will be easier stronger, smoother, bigger, greater, deeper, with a huge increase in overall function and dependability. Your natural cellular oxygen supply will greatly increase. You will feel more relaxed, clear headed, focused and energetic. I absolutely guarantee it.

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